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since 23.05.17 | 10785700
Unleash Your Inner Athlete
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'Unleash Your Inner Athlete' is a concept that runs deep through everything we do at Unlimited Athlete.


Unlimited Athlete strives to provide a range of the UK's athletes with performance wear that provides supreme comfort.

For the past ten years, the founders and designers established careers in UK American Football. During this experience they recognised athletes are a variety. 


Unlimited Athlete takes care of your comfort and allows you to concentrate on performance.

At Unlimited Athlete we identify 'Athlete' as an unlimited mind set, that allows you brake physical barriers that sets you apart from the masses.


We understand the unexplainable drive and ambition.

We understand the dedication it takes to sacrifice your time, body and effort for an enigmatic commitment to your passion.

We understand how clothing becomes confidence and confidence become character. 


This character unites you with your passion and formulates your identity in a movement with others of a similar mindset.


Spread the word and #Unleashyourinnerathlete.

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Unlimited Athlete has a particular passion in further enhancing the growth of American Football in the UK.

With the sport attracting an ever growing UK fan base, as well as year-on-year record numbers of BAFA registered players, Unlimited Athlete is also dedicated in supplying UK University and Adult teams with professional quality uniforms and training wear. 


Want to be an                           ? Or simply ask us a question? We endeavor to get back to you within 48 hours and we welcome your feedback. 

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