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Frequently asked questions

Do you supply to outside of the UK?

Yes, but only in Europe. We can currently deliver to any country in the EU, however this will be subject to additional delivery costs. For special requests please contact us for further information and we will try our best to deliver to you.

Where are the female athlete clothes?

Coming soon! We appreciate that the female athlete market is gigantic and is certainly one that we look at launching into as a matter of priority in the near future. Every company needs to start somewhere though. Unfortunately Unlimited Athlete is a start up and has launched itself into the growing world of UK American Football - 90% of which is male orientated: hence the limited male athlete apparel.

Why is the range so limited?

Unlimited Athlete is a privately owned start up. We do not have the luxury of unlimited funds unfortuntaley. As such, we have had to pick and choose what to launch first, before growing organically and developing our product range. All of our garments are designed and built from scratch, with months of rigorous testing in the real world to ensure they are ready for our athletes. We are focussed on providing only the best and this comes at a cost. The more we grow, the more you will see!

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, all of our black shipping bags are fully recyclable.

The branded zip bags that the garments come in are all made from recycled plastic, however due to this fact they are not widely re-recyclable, so you should check with your local council before discarding.

However, the quality and style of the bag allows for many other uses such as holding dirty laundry, flip flops, shoes, tape, etc. We encourage our Athletes to consider reusing the bags themselves.

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